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Don't do it!!!

Updated: May 17, 2022

More and more people are looking into these perfectly white, perfectly shaped teeth. It's the latest fad in dentistry. They want to have that celebrity smile. Yet no one wants to come to the dentist regularly for routine maintenance and cleanings. Most times they avoid it at all cost. Veneers have become the go to of dentistry, rather then maintaining good oral health. Similar to the BBL, why work out when you can suck it up and plump it up. What people fail to realize is that your gums are the foundation to your mouth. Why would you put thousands into the look of the teeth but not the foundation. That's like building a house on a sink hole. Yes the house is beautiful but it's going to collapse. Before considering perfectly white porcelain teeth. Make sure your gum disease and oral health is stable. Once that foundation is solid,then you can have that beautiful white smile!

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