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Better Access to Care

I run into people every day asking me to help them find a dentist. Sadly, most reputable and ethical people don't take their insurance. Forget it if you have state insurance, the wait times are more than three months, and when you do get in, they never address the core reason for your visit. Just for a patient to get their teeth cleaned takes months, let alone a cavity. Some states are making it much easier for hygienists to provide for those patients and bill for reimbursement through Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, I live in a state that does not, so my Public Health Dental Hygiene services are fee-for-service. The cost for cleaning is 59.00, which comes to less than $10 a month. Finding somewhere to provide these services is the next dilemma. I can provide care to the under-served and uninsured, but only within certain areas in my Scope of practice. All I can say is shame on all the red tape that comes with trying to be a benefit to the community. A community that dentists don't serve. We need to find a better way to meet the need of our community.

It is time for a change!

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