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Are your feet more important than your teeth?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Would you have someone remove your toe because the nail is infected ? No , you would do whatever is necessary to get rid of the infection. Why don't we do the same when it comes to our teeth? We would rather ignore it than get it fixed causing for unnecessary removal when it could've been a functioning tooth. Cost and fear are huge factors, I get it, but the longer we put it off the more problems it will bring. But when it comes to fashion we don't think twice about buying a $125 pair of shoes, to wear only a few times a year. We need to change our mindset! Grab 3 of the most expensive pair of shoes, sneakers, or purses in your closet and add up the cost. I can guarantee that the amount paid for those items could pay to fix a tooth. It's time to place value in our mouths. We need teeth to help chew our food properly and also aid in our digestion. So, Let's make our mouths a priority like we do our feet!

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